Benefits of Sand:
- Dry sand minimizes bacterial growth in bedding, lowering incidences of clinical mastitis caused by environmental organisms such as E. coli. and Environmental Streptococci
- Reduces the number of cows with swollen hocks, hair off hocks, and knee injuries
- Fewer incidences of herd slipping in alleyway
- Cows quickly adapt to sand, which reduces stall refusal
- Dry sand absorbs moisture on the hooves of the cow, preventing hoof disease and lameness
- Greater ease of rising and lying improves blood flow and promotes longer resting times, which results in higher milk production and quality
Source: Government of Ontario - Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Why Sand Over Other Types of Bedding?
- Cows find it easier to get up and down on sand: The cushion, traction and support a cow gets on sand bedding are largely absent on flatter, firmer surfaces
- Cows lie down for longer bouts on sand: It normalizes resting behavior for cows, which results in longer rest periods
- Fewer injuries: Better traction in alleyways and reduced risk for white-line lesions results in fewer hock and knee injuries
Source: Progressive Dairy

The Economics of Sand
How does the Boomerang® System pay for itself?​
- Cows virtually maintain their own stalls, reducing labor
- Reduces the need for major separating systems and dryers
- Can save up to 80% of your sand without the use of separators
- You will use all your sand handling equipment much less with the innovated technology of Boomerang®
- The 24/7 maintenance of stalls provides for increased rest periods, providing for a higher milk production and quality from the cows



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