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New from Sandmiser

Tinker-Hatch Sand Dryer

This new development revolutionizes all current dairy bedding systems that are available today. There currently are no other options available to farmers that want to provide 24-7 enhanced cow comfort and zero disruption to cow movement and schedules.

●   Clean & Dry Sand
●   Up to 80% of Sand Stays in the Beds
●   24/7 Automated Operation

Sand Delivery System

Every bed, Every day fill system. Boomerang’ s new sand delivery allocation system, puts the sand in the third stall from the BOOMERANG drive system which stealthily distributes sand bedding each day without DISPLACING COWS! By distributing dry sand daily it accomplishes something that no other delivery system can do! A consistent, soft dry resting space.....Priceless

●   Zero disturbance
●   Clean & Dry Sand
●   No vehicles necessary
●   Automated Sand Delivery



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