What is Boomerang®?
Boomerang® is the world's first Dry Sand Recovery System. With the ability to be installed in any barn and with any stall system, Boomerang® provides benefits for both the cows and farmer. These benefits include:
Uses 80% less sand
Sand remains dry and at the same level, 24 hours a day
If the system is filled (charged) regularly, the cow will lay on the bed, instead of in the bed
The ability to use fine sand, giving cows more comfort
24/7 maintenance of stall comfort, providing for increased milk production as cows are in a state of rest for longer periods
Low curb height allows for easier entry to and exit from stalls for cows
Very little sand is loss from the stalls
Less wear and tear on the equipment used in the barn

Boomerang Curb
Drive Unit
1. Boomerang Curb
The Sand Recovery begins with the Boomerang® curbs. Our 7" tall concrete curbs have hollow channels that are topped with grates to catch any sand that is being kicked out of the stall and into the alley. A flat chain conveyor slowly transports the sand from the cavity in the curb under the grate and deposits it in front of the cow.
2. Troughs
After the sand is collected in the curbs, it is then transported to the top of the stall via galvanized troughs that are mounted to the outside perimeter of the stall section. The troughs at the top of the stall beds have an open-bottom that automatically and equally deposits the sand into the stall beds, from one end to another while the cow grooms her own bed.
3. Drive Unit
The stainless steel drive unit is powered by a 1/3 horsepower motor with built-in fail safes and maintenance indicators. There are two options of drive units available: one for single stalls and one for head-to-head stalls.

History of Boomerang®

In 2003, the first idea of Boomerang® was developed by local dairy farmer Jamie Beaumont. After years of researching, the first prototype was developed in March 2012 for only 17 cows. Six months later, Beaumont changed his entire dairy barn over to operate with Boomerang®, and he has never looked back since.

Now with fully functioning operations in Canada and the United States, Boomerang's® revolutionary innovation is helping dairy farmers all over North America. From here, Boomerang® is continually looking into developing new ideas and solutions to allow farmers to continue to use sand as the premium bedding.

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