Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the chain last?
We offer a 1-year prorated warranty. The chain is expected to last 2-3 years.

2. What happens to the manure?
It isn't a factor because the stalls are full of sand, this allows the cows to make most of their deposits on or past the curb. The system includes our Floating Neckrail that reduces the amount of manure deposited in the stall. There are also blockers under each stall divider that reduce sand contamination.

3. How much time will it take to maintain?
On average, it will take you roughly 20 seconds twice a day per loop to observe the operation. Chain tension should be observed weekly, with monthly maintenance of the chain that will take roughly 5 minutes per chain. At 6 months, bearing wheels are switched out and corner rails are inverted.

4. How much does it cost?
Prices will vary, however, the system in general has been described as being priceless. Compared to buying a formed curb, concrete deck and mattress, it will be cheaper and provide you with much less maintenance. Just install our curb with the system, add sand, and you will immediately see results; including reduced labour, less sand used, less sand required to be purchased and stored, less time to maintain stalls, and less wear and tear on your manure handling equipment.

5. Are there any working units that I can go a see?
Currently, there are units running in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Quebec, and Ontario. Please contact us for further information.

6. How long of a run can the system accommodate?
The system can accommodate up to twenty-nine 48" O.C. stalls per zone. Our sales staff is trained to take any barn plan and provide you with a Boomerang® layout that shows appropriate zones for our system.

7. How often do I put sand into the system?
We recommend that this happens at least once a week, as this will actually lower your sand usage and reduce wear the on your system. By filling up the Boomerang® system weekly, this will provide all your stalls to receive maintenance 24/7, greatly reducing your overall time maintaining the stalls while providing your herd with constant comfort. You may choose to add sand daily. If so, you only need to add sand to one stall per zone.

8. How do the cows stay laying properly?
All Boomerang® systems come with the patented Floating Neck Rail from Greenfreestall, that helps position all cows properly in their stalls without adding any extra stress on them during their entry or exit of the stalls. This neck rail positions the cows so their waste is deposited on or past the curb, allowing for minimal contamination of the sand.

9. What are the wear parts?
Corner bearings and rails need to be changed approximately once per year.